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202 Squadron Association

Short 184

In 1964 the Squadron took on a change of direction as the need for meteorological flights diminished.

The Squadrons new task would be flying Westland Whirlwind helicopters in the Air Sea Rescue role.

The squadron was spread around the Northern regions of The United Kingdom, with an administrative centre originally based at RAF Leconfield in Yorkshire.

The Whirlwind was finally retired from active service with the Squadron in 1977 when the fleet was replaced with the Westland Seaking Helicopter

And now, in 2015, after nearly 101 years of existence, the Squadron is again to be disbanded  and the Squadron laid up, perhaps for the last time.

But who knows? Perhaps, one day, like the Phoenix, The 202 Squadron will once again be raised and proudly fly its Standard. And, hopefully,  the new members will reflect kindly on all of us that have gone before.

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