On this page you will find requests from site visitors who are trying to find information about, People, places, events or Aircraft. If you can help them in anyway please drop them a line and maybe copy me in so we can share the news?

Antony Richards

Dated 21/11/18

Hello, My dad was involved in a rescue from RAF Boulmer sometime in the 1980s. I was a child, so my memory is not great. He reportedly went to the aid of a fisherman, but was unsuccessful.

My dad was,  Flt Sgt Nigel Richards. He was awarded a testimonial on velum from the Royal Humane Society. Please might it be possible to ask your members if they could remember the rough date and time....lost without it!

best regards,



Victor Bourne

I am interested in any details regarding my dad, Victor Bourne who served in the RAF in WWII and was stationed in Gibraltar. I believe he may have been a signaller or similar (he was not flight crew)
I know that he ran a Scout Troop whilst stationed on Gib. Thanking anybody that may be able to pass on any information to me, no matter how small the details.
Kind regards,


Hi There
In one of you photographs is a shot of Handley Page hastings 527 on display. My late father flew this aircraft when he was with 24 Squadron based at Colerne in the early 1960's. I have 2 photos of 527 but one I believe is from the same show where your picture was taken and I am trying to find out when and where it was taken. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated
Kind regards
Stephen Hale

John E Harper

Can anyone help please? I am trying to trace JOHN E HARBER who I know was in a RAF search and rescue squadron. As far as I can see there are just 2 SAR squadrons, yours and 22 squadron. If anyone can help with any information I would be very grateful.
Chris Regan

Robert James Leach

My father served in the coastal command in squadrons 202 and 86. His name is also Robert James Leach. Sadly he passsed away this month and I am wondering if any one remembers him.
Robert Leach

John Frederick Stanley Black

On the 29th December 1950 my uncle, 1796505 Sgt John Frederick Stanley Black, was declared missing when an raf plane came down just of the coast of Barra Island in the Hebrides of Scotland. To our knowledge his body was never found and the family would like to know more about the details of his service and this tragic accident.</p>
Thanks in advance.
Wilma Todd.

Frank Bithell

Looking for news of Frank Bithell who was at Gibraltar, 202 Squadron. Enquiring on behalf of his best man who has lost touch. At one time in Leeds area. Frank's wife was Betty.
Thank You

Flt Lt Frank Rashleigh DFC kia 1943 202 Sqn

Dear sir. The processional cross used in our village church has the above mentioned officers name on it. one or two of our veteran villagers remember him in there youth. We know that he lived in our village of Balcombe in mid Sussex. I have been requested by our Parish council and the Vicar to find out more. His name is on the village war memorial. Any information would be welcome. Thank you. In comradeship.
Thanks in advance

David Fellowes

Ex 460 sqn RAAF,
206 Sqn.
Chairman of village RBL.

William Rowland Tait

Researching family tree, would like to know any furthur information regarding Flight-Lieut William Rowland Tait who received the Air Force Cross and joined No 202 squadron at Aldergrove in June 1947 are there any photos of him anywhere would be grateful of any information.
Many Thanks
Lorraine xxx.


I live in Melilla, where nearby here JX258 crashed on 1943. I'm intended to build a model kit of this particular plane, so I would be very grateful if someone could provide me some details about it. I would like to know the kind of equipment it had. Leigh light? ASW radar? Which was the numeral, R or H as I've found somewhere. Of course a photo would be the best, but with a description and the references I've got I suposse I'll be able to build the kit.</p>
Thanks in advance
Alonso Espinosa.

H. M. Russell

Message: First I would like to start by saying what a fantastic web site.
Can anyone please help me ? I have in my possession an item that was presented to a F/Lt H.M.Russell from the officers in 202 Flying Boat Squadron, Malta. There are also signatures inscribed of what I assume would have been the squadron officers. The names I have are
E or F Blake
P W Bale
G or J Wilkinson
A surname of Moseley - can't make out the initials
Philip Jones
J Gosling
A J Mason
C W Dicken
P Hurren or Horner
A Carr

There is another name which I cannot read but the surname is something like Zudgway ??

Can anyone supply me with any information at all on any of these officers, no matter how small, as I would like to put together some background history to this item. I have no idea how old it is but judging from having Malta on it, it obviously looks like it would be pre-world war II. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Andy Taylor

Henry James Haskett

My late father, F/Sgt Henry James Haskett (RAF No. 341943) served with 202 (FB) squadron at Calafrana Malta between 1936 - 1938. At this time he was initially a Corporal Metal Rigger and promoted to acting Sgt in May 1937. I am trying to trace his RAF career details, particularlly slightly later on when he returned to HE in April 1938 and served at Gosport, Calshot and Sch of AC.
Many thanks
Roy Haskett.

Catalina JX 208

Seeking any details of the loss of Catalina JX 208 Letter F of 202 Squadron that struck the ground at Stradbally Co Kerry Eire in December 1944. My uncle, Raymond PERKINS, was flight engineer on this aircraft.
Many Thanks
K Bates

Fred Ray

My father served on this sqn, not to sure of the dates just wondering if anybody remebered serving with a Fred Ray. I believe he was flying whirlwinds at the time. Just like to chat with people who served with my father.
Many thanks
Sgt Steven Ray

Cecil Richard Hodges

During World War II my grandfather, Cecil Richard Hodges worked for the Air Ministry, being based at Hughenden Manor. He was involved with the top secret production of target maps and other associated target material for the Royal Air Force. This operation was named Codename 'Hillside'.

My grandfather ran the machine room at Hillside and was responsible for the accurate preparation of target material for printing and distribution to RAF Groups and bomber stations. He was responsible for the printing of the Dam Busters, Tirpitz, D-Day, Peenemunde and V-weapon target material among the many other materials he prepared.I am conducting research into my grandfather's wartime activities. In honour of him I am attempting to track down one of the target maps he helped to produce at Hughenden. My grandfather died in 1989 and I never had the chance to talk to him about his work - in fact I hardly knew him.

I would be very interested if any of your members has such a target map they would be willing to part with. I live in the United States. It is an important part of my family history that I would like to preserve.
Thanks very much.
Jim Hodges.
Seattle USA

Derek Matthews

I wonder if you can help? My father served with the RAF on Lough Erne as an instrument fitter.Unfortunately he cannot remember which squadron he served in.

He was based at Castle Archdale for about 2 months and then moved to RAF Killadeas. He worked on both Sunderlands and Catalinas.

Do your records show if he was part of 202 squadron? I am taking him back to Lough Erne next week to visit where he was stationed.
His name is Derek Matthews

Leonard G Revill

I am Looking for any information on the service of Leonard G Revill (Len) my grandfather.He was from the Mansfield, Midlands area, he was posted during WWII to Gibraltar with the RAF where he worked as a mechanic / ground service crew.

I am looking for any information about his service time in Gibraltar
Ellen Louden (nee Revill)

F/O John Lambton

Do you know the circumstances of F/O John Lambton's death on 11.8.41. An air gunner with of 202 Squadron his grave is in North Front cemetery, Gibraltar. I wonder if he had been a crew member of London K5260 which sank under tow the following day.

Although the CWGC register does not record any family details, his paternal grandfather was the Earl of Durham.
Hope you can help
Peter Condon

Sgt 527173 Tom Bailey

My wife's father, Temp Sgt 527173 Tom Bailey was posted to 202 Squadron then based in Gibraltar On 18.10.42. He was reported 'Killed in Action' on 3.11.42. We have no idea what he was doing or what type of aircraft he was flying in other than that he trained and qualified as an air gunner in May and June 1942.
My wife is now his nearest surviving relative and we would be interested in finding out anything that might shed light on what happened to him and on what type of operation he was engaged in when he went missing. We have just returned from Malta where we found his name on the memorial at Valetta, but as he was based in Gib and not |Malta, there is no further information to be found there.

Any help anyone can give us to point us in the right direction as to further research would be gratefully received
James R Gibson
(Ex RAF 1955-1966)

A response has been received for this request could the requestee please contact Mr Eric Curbishley who has information for them

SARO Aircraft

I am trying to find out the service history of each individual SARO London that was built.
If anyone can help with details/photos I would be most grateful.

Meteorological Office Roll of Honour

I am investigating the circumstances of the deaths of the 73 names on the Meteorological Office Roll of Honour.

One of the names is that of Albert Alexander Thompson who was the Meteorological Air Observer on Halifax ST807. The aircraft was on a Bismuth sortie from Aldergrove when it disappeared about 80 minutes into the flight on 18 April 1947 The Times carried three brief items about the disappearance, one of which included a statement that the aircraft had radioed that it was returning with instrument trouble. The message, sent from 55N12W at 0919 GMT, was the last contact with the aircraft.

Although there is an official report of the loss in the RAF Museum, I would very much appreciate contact with anyone who has personal knowledge of the accident.
The crew of ST807 was:

S/L D L Bisgood, 27, Pilot
Pilot II J S Anderson, 24
F/Lt D J McMahon, 25
Nav II P B Higgins
Eng II R Miles, 24
F/Sgt A A Thompson, 23, MAO
Sig III F Orwin, 22
Eng II S Baldwin
Sig II D James, 23

Brian Booth

Catalina JX258

I am currently living in the Spanish Enclave of Melilla in Morocco. In the City cemetery there is a war grave of 9 RAF Officers NCO's and airmen who were killed on the 15th June 1944 when their Catalina JX258 crashed into high ground on Cap Tres `Forcas.

Local searches through archives reveal absolutely no details, but with Spain being 'Neutral' at this time there may have been a news blackout. My next stop is the National Archive when I am next in the UK, but if anyone can throw any light as to what a Catalina was doing overflying neutral territory some 140 miles from the neatest RAF station I would appreciate any information whatsoever.

David Palmer

Sgt R.A.Tiffen

I'm endeavouring to find details of a Sgt R.A.Tiffen RAF attached to 202 Sqn during WWII. My research so far has him killed in or around Malta 20 Nov 1942.

To finalise a part of family history could you forward any information re:

1. Time in service</li>
2. Duties
3. Where and when killed.
4. Grave and or memorial site.

Answers to any of the above would be most appreciated
Maurice Tiffen

Eric Charles Millard

I am interested in my grandfathers history. He was a aircrew signaller on costal command B-24 Liberators during WW2. I know that he had served with 202 sqaudron during or just after the second world war. I am some pictures (if any body has any of my grandfather. His name is Eric Charles Millard he ended his career as an acting warrant officer. Any information or pictures would be kindly appericated.
Thank you.
Shaun White.

Miguel Lozares
My name is Michel and I'm from Spain, I'm a volunteer of the Museo del Aire an I am writing a book about the Cats in Spain. I have info about some Catalinas of the 202 Sqn that crashed in Gibraltar area and one of them in Spanish Morocco. I would like to locate some photos of these Cats if it is possible please, I would like to include some photo in my book cause I have only information. These were the Cats

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