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202 Squadron Association

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1.  Chairman’s Report and Remarks

Welcome fellow Association Members to our first ever virtual AGM! The reason that we are using this method is that only some 15 Association members (plus partners) are going to attend this year's Reunion in August. Our Constitution does not specify a minimum number of attendees at an AGM to make it quorate; however, 15 Members represents less than 10% of the membership and thus the Committee deemed that to be insufficient. Our Constitution does not require us to have an annual AGM but instead only states that: the Committee will be elected biannually at an AGM; and we are to 'produce and issue an annual financial report’. The Committee decided that, in addition to completing these 2 tasks, we would try and conduct all the other business that is done at an AGM. We don't intend to repeat this experiment but I hope that it will serve its purpose. Please let us know! Thanks to Mike Lakey for coordinating the AGM.

The issue that is most taxing us as a Committee is the very poor take up to attend the 2017 Reunion. You will all recall the uncertainty in 2016 and the reactive changing of arrangements for various parades and rescheduled Reunions, which resulted in a low attendance at the 2016 Reunion in comparison to previous years.  We wanted to rectify this in 2017 and at the 2016 AGM a plan was endorsed to hold a function in Gibraltar at the same time as the Squadron Standard was paraded as part of the Queen's Birthday celebrations. Unfortunately, HQ British Forces Gibraltar could not confirm that the Parade would go ahead at all and, therefore, any deposits paid or flight bookings might have been in vain. In February 2017 the Committee therefore decided that, to end this uncertainty, we had no option but to implement 'Plan B'. We didn't do this lightly, given the uncertainty in 2016. The attendance at the August 2017 Reunion is nonetheless disappointing. We recently asked for feedback about why this event was unpopular, but have not received much to date. Do please do let us know why the August 2017 event is unpopular. It is especially frustrating for the Reunion organiser - Geoff Bakewell - who devotes a lot of his personal time to ensuring the success of these events, for which we should all be grateful.

The Association membership, while still very strong thanks to Ian Stephenson's efforts appears to have peaked. Any suggestions about how to encourage ex-Squadron personnel to join the Association are always welcomed. Can I also please ask each of you individually to reach out to any ex-Squadron personnel you know and get them to join the Association?

To that end, I want to thank on your behalf all of the Committee Members who continue to work tirelessly on behalf of the Membership. Mike Hamill is stepping down as our Webmaster after serving in that post for many years. My thanks go to Mike and also to Dave Allen, who has volunteered to replace Mike. If any of you want to volunteer to replace any Committee Member, including me, then please let me know.  

2.  Minutes of last AGM

The minutes of the last AGM are posted on the Association website.

3.  Treasurer’s Report. Another satisfactory year with a small surplus of £237 on the Valley Reunion. Surplus for the year of £425. Total of balances at the end of year -- is healthy .No increase of annual subscription is recommended.

 The Treasurer’s report is at Annex A.

4.  Membership Secretary’s Report

Here is the Membership Secretary report for 2017 AGM

2016 Membership 136

2017 (July 2017) 153

We have had 9 enquiries over the internet from members who did not subsequently join 2014 to 2016.

Several members joined just for a year: 2014 as 3; 2015 as 4

Resignations mainly due to age related

Brian has the membership fees received available on request:

The ‘jumps’ are due to phone calls made by me to lapsed members who then re-join. Also true for increase in 2017 figures. No new applications in 2017.

5.  Almoner’s Report. Derek reports that nothing further has been brought to his attention.

6.  Webmaster’s Report. Dave Allen reports that the website will shortly be open for viewing by the Committee to check that all is accurate and up to date before full publication. Dave is also working on a new version but this is delayed due to the need to transfer “ownership” of the site from Mike Hamill who has set a high standard which he is trying to reach.

7.  Committee.

No members are standing down this year but new volunteers would be welcome. The committee is as follows:

Pete Chadwick President

Steve Garden  Chairman

Geoff Bakewell  Reunion Organiser

Josh Riznar  202 (R) Sqn Liaison Officer

Dave Allen  Webmaster

Andy McGreevy OC202 (R) Sqn

Charlie Logan  Mucky Duck Editor

Ian Stephenson  Membership Secretary

Brian Tanner  Treasurer

Derek Whatling  Almoner

Mike Lakey  Minutes Secretary

8.  The Silver Duck.

The Silver Duck remains in the safe hands of the President, Pete Chadwick. It is intended that The Silver Duck will be handed over to 202(R) Sqn at a suitable occasion.

9.  Squadron Memorabilia Report. With one exception, this has been a very quiet year for memorabilia sales, probably due the lack of an Association Gathering.  The one exception has been the sales of the “Gone but Never Forgotten” SAR Coffee Mug.  These have proved to be very popular and are nearly sold out, with over 130 of them sold in a remarkably short period.  I have attached a flyer of Association Memorabilia which is readily available. (Annex C)

Pete Chadwick

10.  Mucky Duck. Charlie has nothing to report other than to make his usual plea for more of your stories, recollections and other input for future editions.

11.  202(R) Sqn News. Andy McGreevy reports:

It has been an extremely busy year for the Sqn, and we have been operating at or near capacity for much of this time. Last year we trained 67 RAF and RN Pilots, Observers and Crewman on our ab-initio courses, and 2 pilots and 1 SAR Winch Op destined for 84 Sqn.

Whilst student training remains our foremost activity, the number of students we see will begin to reduce as we move closer to MFTS transition at the start of Apr 18. The transition of staff has also slowed, and those now in post will in the main remain with the Sqn through the transition process and be the first to operate the Jupiter. The military has led the way with a transition plan for Sqn personnel, although as I write this there remains some uncertainty regarding the exact number of Ascent posts the Sqn will have post transition.

There have been 3 AOC 22 (Trg) Gp Commendations. Flt Lt Pob Johnstone received a commendation for his efforts in organising both the SARTU/ 202 Sqn handover ceremony and also the Sqn move at RAF Valley. Mr. Mark O’Leary  (Molly) received a commendation for his long standing commitment to enhancing student training and most recently, Mr. Dave Cragg received formal recognition for his continued sterling efforts on the flight line, and his contribution to all our safety.

12.  Reunion 2017. The 2017 Reunion will be held at Burton on Trent from 18 – 20 August 2017.

13.  Reunion 2018 proposals. The Committee propose that the following locations are considered:

a. Northern Ireland (the security situation is now permissive).

b. Malta.

c. Gibraltar.

Members are requested to 'vote' for one of the 3 by emailing Geoff Bakewell at

14.  AOB.

a. Association Regional Event. Ian Stephenson is arranging the first ever Association Regional event, intended to attract Members who don't want to travel to the annual Reunion that we traditionally have held either centrally or at a Squadron location. Ian will soon circulate details of the event, which will be held in Farnborough, Hampshire, in late-September or October.

b. SAR Helicopter Reunion. Please see the attached letter (Annex A), which describes a proposed 'SAR Helicopter Reunion' to be held in May 2018. We are not supporting this event as 202 Association, given the large numbers of non-SAR Members we have. However, for those of us who are ex-SAR, the May 2018 event seems to be an excellent way of catching up with old friends who are not Members of 202 Squadron Association. The event is being organised by 22 Squadron Association and, as you can see from the attached letter, details of the event have been sent to 84 Squadron Association as well as us.

Mike Lakey

Minutes Secretary

August 2017


A: Association Accounts as at 31 Dec 2016 (ommited for privacy available from Treasurer)

B: Letter from 22 Sqn Association proposing a 2018 SAR Reunion

Annex B


 Chairman: Paul Martin

Steve Garden, Chairman 202 Squadron Association

Mike Chapple, Chairman 84 Squadron Association

Dear Steve and Mike,


The 22 Squadron Association is planning to host a joint SAR Helicopter Reunion at the Peterborough Marriott Hotel over the week-end of Friday 18 May to Sunday 20 May 2108.

The Aim of the Joint SAR Helicopter Reunion is a, one-off, opportunity for all SAR Helicopter crews, Aircrew and Ground Crew, to renew old friendships with those who are not members of their own Associations.

All SAR Helicopter members, Aircrew and Ground Crew, of the 202 and 84 Squadron Associations are cordially invited to attend.

The date and cost of the venue is:

 Peterborough Marriott Hotel:  18th to 20th May 2018.

£135 - Double Occupancy per room per night Dinner Bed and Breakfast.

£95 - Single Occupancy per room per night Dinner Bed and Breakfast.

(The cost of the Reunion Dinner is included in the DB&B room rate).

 A 25% discount is offered on drinks.

Dress: Friday – Informal.

 Saturday - Lounge suit and Association tie and equivalent.

It is hoped that a visit may be arranged for Saturday 19 May to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.  Alternative nearby attractions include: The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden Aerodrome; and Burghley House, Stamford.

The Peterborough Marriott Hotel has been booked for the event.

Individuals will need to book their own rooms – the booking procedure will be confirmed in the New Year.

There will be no cancellation charges if cancellations are made more than 24 hours before the start of the booked room date.

The above procedure relieves the 22 Squadron Association of any financial commitment for the event.

The Friday Dinner is planned to be an informal, hot and cold, buffet dinner with no seating plan.

The Saturday Dinner is planned to be a slightly more formal dinner with a seating plan of about 8 to 10 persons per round table.  The opportunity for individuals to choose who they would like to sit with will be given.

Traditionally, Wine and Port at 22 Squadron Association Reunion Dinners has been paid for either by donations or out of 22 Squadron Association funds.  I am sure that we can come to a suitable arrangement to share the costs of wine and port at the Saturday Dinner.

I shall be most grateful if you will pass on this invitation to your members.

Currently, I am planning to attend the 202 Squadron Association AGM and Reunion Dinner on 19 August.  I would be happy to attend part of the 84 Squadron Association meeting in September to clarify any points raised concerning the proposed SAR Helicopter Reunion.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.

Yours aye,