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202 Squadron Association

Short 184

Westland Whirlwind HAR Mk 10 Specification Sheet


Air Sea Rescue


3 - Pilot, Navigator/Winch-op, Winchman

Power Plant

Rolls-Royce Gnome H-1000 / H-1200 turboshaft


N/A - SAR Role

Rotor Span

53 ft


15 ft 7 in


44 ft 2 in

Weight Empty

4694 lb

All Up Weight

 8,000 lb

Max Speed

 95 knots (100mph)


 300 miles

Max Ceiling

 15,250 ft


The Whirlwind HAR.2 first entered RAF service in Feb 1955 with 22 Squadron, alongside its Sycamores. Used for Tactical Transport and Search and Rescue operations in the UK and overseas. The HAR.4 was an improved HAR.2, for hot and high operations. The Queen's Flight used a converted HAR.2 from Spring 1958, followed by a pair of HCC.8s and then the HCC.12 until Dec 1967. The more powerful Whirlwind HAR.10 was introduced in Nov 1961 with 225 Squadron. The last Whirlwind HAR.10 retired from 202 Squadron in Nov 1981, after the unit had begun to convert to the Sea King HAR.3.

Source City of Norwich Aircraft Museum