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202 Squadron Association

Short 184

Short Brothers Sunderland Specification Sheet


Maritime Patrol / Anti-submarine/ Rescue


10: pilot, co-pilot, navigator / bomb aimer, flight engineer, radio/radar operator, up to 5 gunners

Power Plant

4 x Bristol Pegasus XX 1010 HP radial engines


2 x 0.303" Vickers Machine guns in forward power turret; 4 x 0.303 " Browning machine guns in rear powered turret; 1 x 0.303 Vickers machine gun set in beam ports. up to 2,000 lb bomb load

Wing Span

112 ft 9 in


32 ft 6 in


85 ft 4 in

Weight Empty

 30,589 lb

All Up Weight

45,210 lb (Typical) 49,000 lb (Max)

Max Speed

209 mph at 5000 ft


1,790 (Typical) 2,500 (Max)

Max Ceiling

15,000 ft


The Sunderland was the most well known British flying boat in it's time. It was assigned as maritime reconnaisance and submarine hunter. The Sunderland saw service in nearly all theatres of the second world war. It also served in the Berlin airlift.

Source The Warbirds