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202 Squadron Association

Short 184

Fairey Swordfish Specification Sheet


Fairey Swordfish landplane; Two / three seat torpedo-bomber-reconnaissance biplane


Pilot, observer / gunner

Power Plant

2 x Bristol Pegasus X 1,055 hp radial piston engines


One 0.303 machine gun in top deck of fuselage and one 0.303 machine gun at rear cockpit. One torpedo on crutches under fuselage

Wing Span

45 ft 6 in


 12 ft 4 in


35 ft 8 in

Weight Empty

4,195 lb

All Up Weight

 7,720 lbs

Max Speed

154 mph


1.030 Miles

Climb rate

850 ft/min

Max Ceiling

10.700 ft


Two bay unequal span staggered biplane, metal wing structure covered with fabric. A rectangular steel-tube structure, faired to an oval section and covered forward with metal panels and aft with fabric. Monoplane tail. Metal framework with fabric covering

source: The British Aircraft Directory