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202 Squadron Association

Short 184

Fairey IIIF Specification sheet


Two or three seat general purposes                               reconnaissance floatplane


Pilots seat under cut-out in trailing edge of top wing, with cockpit for either one or two immediately behind. In three seater wireless operator is between pilot and gunner

Power Plant

One 570 hp Napier Lion XI water cooled engine


One fixed Vickers gun firing forward and one Lewis gun over back cockpit. 660lb bomb load carried under the wings. Prone bombing position in the fuselage.

Wing Span

45ft 9in


14ft 2in


36ft 9in

Weight Empty

3,380 lbs

All Up Weight

6,041 lb

Max Speed

120 mph at 10,000 ft


1,520 miles

Climb rate

15 min 48 sec to 10,000 ft

Max Ceiling



The IIIF was an equal span,two bay, unstaggered folding biplane.The top centre section was carried above the fuselage on steel tube struts, with two sets of parallel interplane struts on either side of the fuselage. Wings have metal structure covered by fabric. A rectangular section fuselage, faired to an oval section and covered at the forward end with detachable aluminium panels and to the rear with fabric. Thecentre structure, to  which are attached the engine  mounting, wings, undercarriage and rear part of the fuselage is constructed of steel tube. Rear portion may  be either wood or metal.

Source The British Aircraft Directory