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202 Squadron Association

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 Association Website

Thanks for  visiting. Please,  have a look around our site. We hope you enjoy your stay but, whatever you do; please, come back again.

While you are here and you match the criteria, why not join the Association? The rates are reasonable; - honest!

Membership is open to all regardless of age, rank or trade specialization. There only two criteria, a link with the Squadron and a desire to, hopefully, meet old mates and definitely make new ones.

Our thanks to all the online aviation enthusiasts who have given permission to take images and information from their sites to enhance this one. Please take time to have a look at them, especially the Items of Interest  page.

 The Committee

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Letter From the Chairman

To see the letter from the Chairman addressing the challenges ahead for the association, please click here


SKIOS Personnel

Membership of 202 Squadron Association for SKIOS personnel

As agreed at the AGM on 26 April 2015, the Association Chair has sent a formal letter inviting SKIOS (Sea King Integrated Operational Support) personnel who directly support(ed) 202 Squadron to join the Association.

The letter can be viewed HERE.



Wish you were a member, it's easy and only takes a few minutes. You can sign up HERE

From The President

I’m pleased to report that, in this very important Remembrance Year, the 202 Squadron Association was again well represented at the Whitehall Cenotaph veterans march past.  Fifteen members marched past the Cenotaph on 11th November in remembrance of the fallen. It was a very poignant occasion, and despite the weather forecast being one of “cats and dogs, and frogs and toads”; in the event, the weather cleared, and it was a pleasant day. All those marching enthusiastically booked a place for next year.  We should have some room for more next year, so any others of you who’d like join in, please let me know.

Joan and I had the privilege of attending the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, on the Saturday evening, and what an emotional experience that was, including as it did much reference to the Centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force, but, of course, emphasis on the 100 Years since the end of The Great War; truly memorable.

Finally, I haven’t had a rant of late about maintaining our membership numbers. Now that the Squadron is a fairly small unit at RAF Valley, we have a limited pool of current serving members of 202 Squadron from which to recruit.  You’re no doubt in touch with old mates who served on the Squadron but aren’t members of the Association. Have a go at them and get them to join; you’ll make Ian Stephenson a very happy man.

In Comradeship,

Pete Chadwick


Many of you will already have seen stories in the media about the potential exposure to asbestos that might result from carrying out maintenance on certain parts/systems in the Sea King.  The Association has been given no official information about this risk but below are some links to media organisations that have covered the story and other sites:

Asbestos warning for helicopter staff

Alert over ASBESTOS WARNING in Sea King Falklands helicopter Prince William flew

Prince's Sea King in alert over deadly chemicals

“We now have fresh stock of the 202 Squadron Association Poppy Pins, having run out after the first batch.  They are £7 each, including postage and packing; if you would like one, or several, email Pete Chadwick –