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Mia is a young lady who has learnt about the First World War at School. Her Teacher had asked the children to talk to their families to see what they could learn about what their relatives did in the Great War. Mia remembered seeing a picture of her Great Granddad in front of a very old plane and asked her mum if they could find out more about what her Great Granddad did during the First World War. They have found some information and wanted to share this with us.

Before Mia's Grandfather died, he gave Mia's mum various photos and papers that he had. It was here that they found David's Certificate of Employment from his service. This shows he joined 202 Squadron on 11 May 1918 and served as a Rigger until 12 February 1919. Her Great Grandfather was born in April 1901, so he was just 17 years old when he joined the Squadron.

They also have a postcard which he sent to his family whilst he was with the Squadron. The lace that is mounted to the front of the card is embroidered with the Squadron's crest, the Union Jack and the French flag. The lace forms a pocket and there is a small card inside. They use this pocket to keep the red mallard insignia which were taken from his uniform when he left the RAF. On the reverse of the card he is wishing his family a happy Christmas, so they believe this must have been sent in December 1918.

Mia and her mum have sent photocopies of the Certificate and the postcard. They have also attached two photos. One shows a bi plane. They are wondering if this could be a picture of one of the squadron's planes? The other shows a group of 9 Airmen standing in front of a plane. Could this be one of the first pictures of your Squadron? David Foster is on the far right of the picture. I don't know the names of anyone else in the photo, but wondered if the airman in the centre could be Captain John Robinson.

Mia gave a presentation to her class, showing all her friends and teachers the documents and photos they found. She is very proud that her Great Grandfather was a member of your Squadron.

We would like to say Thanks to Mia and her Mum for the interesting facts, the story and the photographs which they have kindly given us permission to re-print on the site. See the photographs here



David Averillo Foster