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202 Squadron Association

Short 184

Gone Gnome

Webmasters' Note: This is about the other Helicopter Search & Rescue Squadron in the Royal Air Force and is shown only because the author was lucky enough to eventually come to the Premier Squadron - Only joking 22 Squadron guys.

Another one for the telling, from my oppo (a Sgt Pilot/Air Comms). When I was on 22 at Thorney holiday camp, we had to do an engine change. C shift were duty and they landed the plum job over the 24 hours with B shift coming in the next day.

As there were only four groundcrew (Engines, Airframe, Electrics and Comms) everyone got involved with the work...doing what they could, even down to making tea!

Anyway, the engine Chief had done his bit and the life-ex Gnome had been removed and placed in its cradle whilst the replacement one was connected onto the winch and hoisted into position for alignment into the engine bay when the boss walked into the hangar.

Then, for some reason (shock at seeing the boss in the hangar?) the winch cable was released by a fitter sending one refurbished Gnome falling three feet onto the hangar floor. It was said that you could hear the expletives half a mile away!