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202 Squadron Association

Short 184

Future of the Association

As most of you already know, 2016 has not seen the Disbandment of Number 202 Squadron as expected but it now has risen like the Pheonix to be re-instated as 202 (R) Squadron and thus the Association and the Squadron will live on.


On March 3rd in the RAF Club the Triptych dedicated to the RAF SAR/Air Sea Rescue over the last 75 years was unveiled by HRH The Duke of York. The event was attended by a large group of attendees in excess of 100 who came from branches of the Fixed Wing and Rotary elements of RAF SAR and RAF Mountain Rescue as well as past members of the RAF marine branch and Air/Sea Rescue all of whom are portrayed in the Triptych.

Once unveiled the true magnificence of the paintings could be seen, the faultless detail and dramatic representation was evident. The range of the Triptych covered all aspects of the RAF Rescue Force throughout it's history from WW2 to present day on land, sea and in the air.

202 Squadron association was represented by sizeable group some of whom had dinner in the RAF Club on the evening prior which provided the opportunity to thank and congratulate Squadron Leader Mike Lakey, G.M (Rtd) for his unyielding efforts in getting the Triptych and the ceremony project to a successful juncture.

Opportunities to purchase prints either of the complete Triptych or individual plates will be available through the association in the near future - details will follow when all of the arrangements are in place.

The Association membership is currently as large as it has ever been (thanks in part to the ongoing hard work of our Membership Secretary, Ian Stephenson).  The Association is a means by which ex-members of 202 Squadron can continue to meet friends with whom they served and to meet new friends, I never cease to be amazed at how similar people are from all eras of the Squadron's past.  

If the Association is to remain a vibrant organisation we must think of new ways to bring new members onboard.  How do we do that?

The Association is currently some 120-strong; however, the Squadron has comprised between 150 - 200 personnel since WWII, so the total number of personnel who have served on it is an order of magnitude larger than the Association membership.  We need to tap into this large pool of ex-serving Squadron personnel.  I welcome any and all suggestions you have of how we achieve this.  In particular, the engineering branch is woefully under-represented in the Association; how can we redress this?  

And for those currently still serving on 202 Squadron, join the Association now and meet your predecessors.  I would especially encourage those leaving, or who have left the RAF, to pursue a career in civil search and rescue to join the Association and thus continue your links with your military heritage.    

The Squadron is set to continue , and so will the Association.  I ask current Members to support our recruiting drive in any way that you can.  For those who have retired from, or are still serving on, 202 Squadron but who are not yet Members, what are you waiting for? Join us now and make your first Association event the next gathering


Steve Garden